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Why Don’t Casinos Offer Hearts Card Game?


The heart is one of the oldest card games played; it dates back to the 18th century to the Spanish game of reversis. Reversis was somewhat similar to the modern version of cards, and it contained penalty points for tricks gained and additional points for certain cards like Queen of Hearts.

This game first entered America in the 1880s and has remained popular in the United States and other countries till now. It was even uploaded on Windows software, giving its popularity a more significant push.

Hearts failed to leave its mark on Casinos and other online gambling platforms. Why isn’t MyBookie a fan of hearts? This guide takes you through the aspects of why gambling establishments choose to ignore this popular game.

How Do We Play Hearts?

The hearts card game can be played on various platforms; in this guide, I’ll discuss the basic rules and tell any exotic variants.

A conventional 52-card deck is used to play the card game of hearts. Even the joker cards are included in certain variations.

Quickly shuffling the cards, the dealer distributes an equal amount to each player, using up all the cards in the deck. Put another way; if there are four players, everyone will receive 13 cards (52 divided by 4 = 13).

A few cards will be left undone and placed face down on the table if there are three or five participants. These additional cards go to the first player to win the opening round.

  • The objective of the game

Players avoid cards in the trick-taking game of hearts. When one player eventually gets 100 points, the goal of the game of hearts is to have the fewest quantity of points. Players don’t want to get tricks that contain the Queen of Spades or the hearts card, which are both worth points. However, they do desire to win the Jack of Diamonds.

How to Score In A Card Game?

Each player should immediately pass three cards to their left when the cards are dealt. The player’s three cards should be the ones they feel don’t sit well with their hand.

After passing is finished, the player who has 2 Clubs starts the first round. Each player should play a card from the same suit, in this case, a card of Clubs, after placing the card face down on the table.

They can play any other card or a scorecard if they don’t have one. A scorecard, however, cannot be played in the opening round.

Scoring Cards

The value of each card is equal to its face value. The cards that get you points are Hearts, as the game’s name would imply. A point is equal to one card of hearts. The queen of spades, popularly known as Black Maria, is a different card with points; it is worth 13 points. The worst card to possess in the game is this one.

Therefore, the maximum score that may be obtained in a round is all cards of Hearts and one queen of Spades.


1. Passing

Certain modifications permit passing. Passing happens before the lead card is dealt at the start of the turn, adding to the game’s complexity and giving players greater room to utilize strategy. Players choose three cards to discard before the start of each turn if the game allows for passing. In four-cycle intervals, the pass’s direction changes. Players will pass their three cards in turn order as follows: on the first turn, players will pass their three cards to the player to their left; when the second turn comes up, players will pass their three cards to the player to their right; when the third turn, players will give three cards to those in front of them. When the fourth turn comes, there is no passing allowed.

2. Two-Player Heart

Hearts can be played by two players using a modified deck. Threes, Fives, Sevens, Nines, Jacks, and Kings are all taken out of the deck in Two-Player Hearts, leaving each player with 13 cards. The fundamental guidelines stay the same.

3. Omnibus Hearts

The 10 of Diamonds is incorporated into Omnibus Hearts. In Omnibus, if a player wins a trick containing the 10 Diamonds, their score is reduced by 10 points. The Queen of Spades, the 10 of Diamonds, and all of the Hearts must be won for a player to Shoot the Moon. In Omnibus Hearts, shooting the moon subtracts 36 points from the player’s score or adds 26 points to everyone else’s score.

4. Cancellation Hearts

Hearts can be played in cancellation mode with many people, usually between 5 and 11. Two packs of cards are used when playing Cancellation hearts. A new canceling method appears because every card has a duplicate. When two cards are dealt, they cancel each other out in the ranking of tricks but still count toward the total. The next highest card wins the trick if both Aces of Hearts are played, but the winner still receives two points for the Hearts. The trick is worthless, and cards are awarded to the victor of the following trick if there are two pairs of cards in play.

  • Calculating Scores

Each player must play a card that matches the suit of the card on the table, as was previously stated. The round would be won by the person who plays the highest card in that suit, and they would take all four cards and lay them in a pile far from their hand.

A card of the victorious player’s choice may now be played. This card cannot, however, be a scoring card.

  • Each player’s scores are computed when a round is completed.
  • 1 heart = 1 point
  • Spade Queen = 13 points
  • Let’s say a player has a Black Maria and 4 Hearts. The result would be a final score of 4 + 13 = 17.
  • Until a player earns 100 points or more, the game continues. The winner at this moment is the one with the fewest points.

But there’s a catch to this.

If you get a result that is over 100 it is a loss. Nevertheless, if you achieve precisely 100, your score is reset to 0. This can only be done with planning and specialized math abilities.

Getting rid of the dangerous cards early on in a game of hearts is one of the finest strategies to improve your chances of winning.

Analyze the cards that could give you scorecards in addition to Hearts and Black Maria.

For instance, you can be confident that one of the players would eventually reach the stage where they would toss in a scoring card if you have more than three high-ranking spades. The result could be an improvement in your final grade.

How does MyBookie Casino Choose Their Games?

Casinos look for many aspects other than what’s popular among the crowd to decide which games they should choose for their casino. If only popularity had been looked into then, hearts would have been a popular gambling game.

MyBookie casino chooses more than one factor to decide what to choose as their casino game. A few of these factors are:

  • Upper Hand Over Players

Casinos usually choose a game that holds a guaranteed advantage for them. House edge helps them to guarantee this profit over time. The house advantage is something that differs greatly based on the game. Some blackjack games give you a house advantage of 0.2%, while others offer a 40% advantage.

The bigger the edge, the more the casino earns. But not everyone plays a keno game that offers over 30% or 40% advantage.

A good casino balances out both higher and lower-edge games to attract more customers. In any case, they need to ensure that they are winning; house advantage ensures that.

  • Speed Matters

The more the player plays, the more profit the casinos earn due to house advantage. So, game speed is a crucial factor in assessing the success of a casino.

Casinos are more likely to earn higher profits when their games play faster. The low house advantage can be overcome if the game is smooth.

Mini-Baccarat presents a great example, and it only has a 1.06% advantage over banker bets. So, it doesn’t look like an advantageous game on the surface. But it has a breakneck pace, a table with a speedy dealer and two players can see up to 200 hands an hour.

Roulette, on the other hand, doesn’t seem that advantageous to the casinos because it spins only 50 times an hour and offers lower edges.

Do People Follow Casinos Terms?

There are various ways casinos generate revenue; besides popularity, a house edge or quick play rate are two additional ways gaming establishments must generate revenue.

A game must give the casino a significant advantage if it doesn’t play exceptionally quickly. The question of whether or not gamblers will accept the existing house advantage arises from this point.

Particularly at brick-and-mortar establishments, slot machines generally have substantial house edges. Players are nevertheless prepared to take a chance despite the odds because they cannot replicate the slot’s experience on their own.

Friends can’t instantly rig up a slot machine and start playing for a $700,000 jackpot, unlike with hearts.

Why Is Hearts A Bad Casino Game?

Let’s go through all the points mentioned above regarding how Bookie casinos choose their ideal games. Other than popularity, a good house edge, and a good speed. Hearts fail miserably at both of these aspects. It doesn’t provide a MyBookie casino with a good edge and doesn’t feature fast gameplay.

Casinos would have to remove rake out of hands and tournament costs because there would be no house advantage. Slow game speed means that gambling establishments need to take in a lot of rakes.

For instance, to make Hearts profitable, they would need to keep between 10% and 20% of each hand’s earnings. This problem raises the question of whether or not players are willing to play by the casino’s rules.

A game of hearts can be started whenever you like with your buddies. These games don’t feature a house. Hence there is no rake.

Why would you shell out up to 20% in rake or more to play hearts in the casino? The answer is probably not, since you wouldn’t. The environment and

Well, if you see, other games don’t feature fast gameplay and a good edge but continue to be played in casinos, like Poker, which doesn’t offer much advantage to the casinos and moves rather slowly.

One reason Poker stays as one of the choices of MyBookie casino is that it is trendy. You announce a large Texas Hold’em tournament, and it’s enough to draw hundreds of gamblers, which can later occupy other gaming slots.

You may say that hearts are a popular game, but it can never match the popularity of Texas Hold’em and certain other games.

Can You Find Hearts On MyBookie Online Platform?

That’s a straight no; just like land-based MyBookie casino, you can’t see hearts on their online platform. They like games where they have the upper hand from the players rather than ones that provide rake.

There isn’t a single online casino that I can identify that provides a real money hearts card game. There may still be a gambling site like that around. But even after spending some time looking, I can’t find any casinos that have a real-money version.

Perhaps a poker website would provide this game. After all, rake-based card games are the focus of online poker sites. But it wouldn’t make sense for these sites to provide hearts as Poker is currently more popular than that game.


Hearts is a game that can be better enjoyed with friends on a leisure trip or on a get-together with family and relatives, rather than playing in a casino and betting your dollars on it. You won’t even prefer to put dollars on the table for this game, as it is meant to be enjoyed and not something to become competitive over and lose dollars. That’s why MyBookie casino doesn’t offer this game on its offline and online platforms.