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How to Read Manhwa Comics?


Manhwa and webtoons are very popular digital versions of comics originating from Japan. Both of them are forms of vertical scroll digital comics. You can read manhwa easily on your mobile phone or computer. 

If you do not know how to read free manhwa online, this guide is perfect for you. There are a number of apps to read manhwa and webtoon comics with different genres.

Here’s our list of the best Manhwa reading sites and apps. Let’s get started.

The 6 Top App To Read Manhwa Comics

1. Webtoon

This is an amazing platform for reading all the best manhwa comics with diversified genres. Over 72 million users read their favorite Manwha on Webtoon. It contains a catalog of some of the most popular manhwa webtoon, such as Noblesse and God of Highschool.

Webtoon offers a wide range of genres of comics from comedy to action. Moreover, the platforms provide content recommendations according to your previous reads. And it regularly suggests new content to read.

Webtoon Originals allows you to create and upload your own comics. Through its comic generators, you can enhance your drawing skills before uploading your own comics.

2. Lezhin Comics

Lezhin Comics is a platform that offers its own set of comics and it generally has top romance-related comics. Here, you can follow creators and download chapters as well. Through its app’s social features, you can easily support the community and creators.

It has a WEF (wait until free) system that allows users to earn keys daily to unlock chapters of any series. You can also buy their subscription plan which provides unlimited access to comics.

You can also sync your Lezhin Comics progress across various devices. And you can start your reading wherever you left off from any device.

3. Tapas

It is a well-known indie comic platform that offers manhwa comics from various industries. It provides both comics and novels for a diversified variety of genres and titles.

Here, you can support your favorite creators as well as you can comment and rate chapters after reading them.

Through Tapas coins, you can access the latest manhwa content. Tapas provides panel comics as well as web novels as other creative content.

If you are looking for digital comics at the best quality, then this platform is only for you.

4. Tappytoon

Tappytoon has the best manhwa comic content. It has all the major titles such as Solo Leveling and The Legend of the Northern Blade, etc. You can find the best manhwa that you won’t be able to find anywhere else. It contains a small but succinct library.

The art is high-quality you can search for intended content from the app’s catalog as well. It also contains some basic features such as downloads and subscriptions etc.

Registered users can get free coins every day that they can use to unlock comic chapters. If you want to unlock the complete series, then you can buy Tappytoon’s subscription and enjoy reading. 

5. INKR Comics

INKR Comics has a range of comics, such as manga, manhwa webtoons, graphic novels, etc. It has a diversified library and the chapters are updated regularly. It also contains a personalized recommendation engine that generates content suggestions according to the users’ interests.

The mobile application offers a streamlined, seamless experience. It has an easy-to-use app interface and a unique library that provides exclusive content. Plus the app is available on both Android and iOS so all types of users can access it.

6. Manta Comics

Manta Comics is a fantastic platform that provides high-quality translated manhwa and webtoons. There’s no pay-per-chapter system as well as coins, thus you can easily read as many comics as you want.

It also contains content recommendation features as well as the option to subscribe to your favorite creators. Manta Comic is more focused on romance-related content with a comprehensive library.


This concludes our list of the top best free manhwa reading sites. You can use these sites to stay up to date on the best manhwa and comics.