How to cheat on video poker machine

How to Cheat on Video Poker Machines?


Video poker is one of the most famous games in the world of online poker. The reason is simple, the games have a very low house edge, and they’re easy to win. It is one of the very limited electronic games players actually have an impact on the results.

All video poker players should use proper playing techniques to win. Strategy charts can help players win. 

Strategies for Cheating on Video Poker Machines

You can’t exactly “cheat” on video poker machines, but there are some ways you can use to turn the tides in your favor.

1. What is Video Poker Playing Strategy?

Your video poker strategy is a set of rules that you use to try to win. It may seem obvious that the strategy for each game is different, but it’s not as obvious that every user needs different strategies for each table.

There are tons of video poker games available today, offline and online. With all these game types, the strategies become unique. By following the proper video poker strategy, players can improve their odds of winning.

2. How to Determine Your Poker Strategy

Figuring out the video poker strategy is a complicated process, and most people can’t do it without relying on computers.

To determine the ideal video poker strategy, here are some things you should know:

  • Each possible hand is examined. There are over 2,598,960 possible initially dealt hands.
  • Each hold for that hand is determined. At max, there are 32 holds:
    • No cards – 1 possible hold
    • 1 card – 5 holds
    • 2 cards – 10 holds
    • 3 cards – 10 holds
    • 4 cards – 5 holds
    • 5 cards – 1 hold

The return for each result from each hold is calculated on the basis of the pay table.

3. Video Poker Strategy Charts

Video poker strategy charts suggest the specific cards you need to hold from the initially dealt hand. A chart contains all the information that’s gathered by software. It can be used by the players to figure out which hold produces the maximum return.

Strategy charts can be found in books, online, and on computers. You can even use smartphone-based video poker apps. Some casinos also sell strategy charts.

4. Use Strategy Charts

One way to cheat in a video poker game is by using strategy charts. Here’s how strategy charts work:

  • Press the deal button to deal the initial hand.
  • Look at the first line of the strategy chart.
  • Compare the first dealt hand to the hand shown in the strategy chart.
  • If it defines the dealt hands, hold the cards showcased on that line in the strategy chart, and then click on the draw button.
  • If it doesn’t match, then try the next line in the strategy chart.
  • If you have reached the end of the strategy chart, hit the Draw button without holding any of the cards in the dealt hand.

Is It Illegal to Use Strategy Charts?

If you’re playing video poker online, then you could play perfectly without even needing a strategy chart. You would, however, need a poker app on your computer or smartphone.

Here’s how it works:

  • From the online video poker site, deal a hand.
  • Switch to the video poker app and enter the hand that was dealt.
  • Have the app calculate the best holds. 
  • Go back to the game.
  • Hold the cards suggested by the video poker app.
  • Move on to the next hand. 

All this back and forth may reduce your playing speed, but it may produce great returns. After a while, you’ll learn about the proper hands, and they will become obvious. The app would only need to be referenced for the less obvious hands. If you just want to be certain, you can take advantage of the app every now and then. 

If you’re playing in a real casino, then it becomes a completely different thing. Devices that allow players to take help are strictly prohibited in most offline casinos. In almost all gaming jurisdictions, a strategy chart is also considered a helping device. 

However, when using a strategy chart a player looks at the cards that are dealt and go through the chart for a strategy that covers the death hand.